Portable High Chair

Once your baby is able to sit up unaided or with little support and is interested in solid food, it is worth adding a portable high chair to your daily parenting essentials.

Portable high chairs allow you to seat your baby securely without the risk of them slipping or tipping out of their chair. They are ideal for restaurant or family and friend visits where you want to adapt a standard chair to a baby/toddler friendly chair. It makes feeding your baby on the go easy and more enjoyable for you to have the use of both your hands!

Portable high chairs are available in a range of materials and styles and can be easily attached to most chairs or tables.  They offer convenience and practicality and are relatively lightweight and easy to transport.

portable high chair

They range from basic material holsters that slide over a chair to light weight moulded plastic that have integrated toys and accessories included.  They can be referred to as foldable, seat harnesses, clamp on seats and travel high chairs as well as portable high chairs.

Portable high chairs are very similar in style and usability to a standard high chair, the big difference being that they don’t have long legs but instead sit on to of a standard chair and are strapped on.

Once your baby is interest in solid food and being part of the family eating experience the portable high chair offers them their seat at the table.

NHS guidelines in the UK state that weening (introducing solid food to your baby) should starts when a baby is 6 months old. Babies get most of the nutrients needed from breast milk or formula milk for the first 6 months. Signs that they are ready can include chewing their fists, waking in the night hungry when previously sleeping through and wanting extra milk feeds.

It is recommended the following foods are introduced one at a time and not before 6 months so that you can monitor if your baby may have an allergy to certain foods: cow’s milks, eggs, food with gluten, food with nuts and seeds , fish and shellfish.

When your baby is safely seated in the portable high chair you can start to let them get used to holding and touching food and letting them feed themselves with their fingers.